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Nuskay is a luxurious line of beauty rituals made with herbal, bio-inspired, sustainably sourced ingredients 

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I finally found ittttt !!

I’ve had the worst sensitive skin for years!

Struggled with a whole lot of products. But Nuskay Golden Dew Concentrate is everything I needed!!  I’ve had acne prone skin with patchy areas. So the concentrate was an absolute delight since it’s non- sticky and super easy, smooth to use. I’m already on my second bottle. lil quantity does wonders. Can’t wait for more products ! Also the charcoal scrub is just what you need in today’s crazy pollution world! Will highly recommend to people who’ve had mixed/ sensitive skin!



I have slightly sensitive skin and therefore usually avoid scrubs. The Nuskay Activated Charcoal, however, completely converted me. Extremely easy to apply, not harsh on the skin at all and you’ll notice the results instantly. It’s become part of my daily routine now! The packaging is also beautiful. Try it once and you won’t go back!

Saloni Singh Das

I would totally recommend Nuskay products, especially their charcoal face scrub. It’s simply amazing. The granules in that product are so soft, it smoothly removes the dead skin leaving it supple and smooth.

So is their gold serum. Makes my face look so radiant!!

5 * * * * * to Nuskay.

Can’t wait to try your future products.

Twinkky Bedi

The Golden Dew Concentrate is a beautifully sublime serum that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and nourished. It’s a wonderful product that I would highly recommend.

Tania Singh

The Nuskay Activated Charcoal Scrub is one of the first products I tried and I instantly fell in love with it. Followed by the starlight glow restorer. For someone who always struggled with dry skin, it was super hydrating, Made of completely herbal product, makes your skin shine. The packaging is beautiful and all in all I see results. Try it girls and you’ll be hooked on it for sure.

Dr. Sana Khan

Amazing products. My skin feels so fresh after using them. The Golden dew concentrate and the charcoal scrub are really perfect to use with no side effects. Thanks Nuskay.

Aarohi Mehta Diwan

Totally in love with the 24k gold serum introduced by Nuskay.

I’ve been using it since last 1 month and the results are amazing. I have a real sensitive skin which is why i generally refrain from trying new products but this is one such product which I would recommend each one of you. Completely satisfied and highly recommended product. Cheers to the whole team and wish you great success.

Priyanka Goyal Agarwal